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Last active April 29, 2018 13:24
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[IDA Plugin Collection] Collect some plugins I am using. #tags: reverse, IDA, IDAPython


  • Several collaborate plugins are availiable, including:
    • IDASynergy. CVS system mainly using SVN. Don't like it much.
    • collabREate. Have not fully tested. Will test it.
    • Sol[IDA]rity. Still nothing published yet.
    • YaCo. New thing in #SSTIC 2017. Not published yet. Wait till Jun. 7.
    • FIRST from Cisco which claims its ability to identifiy and recovery functions from signatures. Will test it.
    • Still searching until I found a useful one.
  • DIE claims it can enrich IDA's static analysis with dynamic data. But need to test if can be used.


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