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Git hook to prevent commits on a staging/production branch
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This pre-commit hook will prevent any commit to forbidden branches
# (by default, "staging" and "production").
# Put this file in your local repo, in the .git/hooks folder
# and make sure it is executable.
# The name of the file *must* be "pre-commit" for Git to pick it up.
FORBIDDEN_BRANCHES = ["staging", "production"]
def current_branch()
branches = `git branch --no-color`.split(/\n/)
current ={ |b| b =~ /\s*\*/ }.first
current.gsub(/[\*\s]/, "")
branch = current_branch
if (FORBIDDEN_BRANCHES.include?(branch))
puts " You are trying to commit on the *#{branch}* branch."
puts " Surely you don't mean that?"
puts " If you really do, force the commit by adding --no-verify to the command."
exit 1

Thank you for posting this fixed our issue!

pvdb commented Aug 19, 2013

Instead of using the git branch porcelain command, and as a result having to parse its output, it might make more sense to use the following interrogator (ancillary git command) to get the name of the current branch:

def current_branch()
  git rev-parse --abbrev-ref=strict HEAD

Thanks for posting this! Would you be so kind as to point me to the documentation for how to create a pre-commit hook?



@RafaelCosman Place a file named pre-commit with the above content under the folder .git/hooks/ in your local git clone.

Another option is to use git symbolic-ref --short HEAD to obtain the name of the current branch. Tested on git 1.8.1 and it works just fine.

How about?

def current_branch
  branch = `git rev-parse --abbrev-ref=strict HEAD 2>&1`
  $?.success? ? branch.chomp : nil
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