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Last active Nov 13, 2019
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Get arguments of a cling interpreter instance with reflection

To get the arguments of cling, which are passed on start, you can use the reflection feature of cling.

#include "cling/Interpreter/Interpreter.h"
#include "cling/Interpreter/InvocationOptions.h"

// gCling is an object of type cling::Interpreter
std::vector<const char*> remaining = gCling->getOptions().CompilerOpts.Remaining;

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@SimeonEhrig SimeonEhrig commented Nov 13, 2019

The solution for ROOT:

Workaround: use a cling build as the source for the necessary headers.

#pragma cling(add_include_path "/par/to/cling/install/include/")
#include "cling/Interpreter/Interpreter.h"

std::vector<const char*> remaining = cling::runtime::gCling->getOptions().CompilerOpts.Remaining;
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