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{"name":["All Taxa"],"taxonid":[0],"taxongroup":["None"],"children":[{"name":["Betula mean pollen-grain diameter"],"taxonid":[30],"taxongroup":["BIM"]},{"name":["Indeterminable"],"taxonid":[312],"taxongroup":["UPA"],"children":[{"name":["Indeterminable undiff."],"taxonid":[905],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (triporate)"],"taxonid":[2963],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (reticulate)"],"taxonid":[19659],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (corroded)"],"taxonid":[34334],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (broken)"],"taxonid":[34946],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (unknown)"],"taxonid":[35429],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (concealed)"],"taxonid":[35430],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (degraded)"],"taxonid":[35431],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (unidentified)"],"taxonid":[35432],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeterminable (crumpled)"],"taxonid":[35433],"taxongroup":["UPA"]},{"name":["Indeter
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Created February 16, 2022 19:53
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keyword keyword_count
r 947
python 356
rstats 353
bioinformatics 232
r-package 217
machine-learning 206
data-science 174
data 111
data-visualization 105
SimonGoring / 01_native_land_circlepackeR.R
Last active February 3, 2022 18:18
R code to create a packed circle plot showing the Neotoma Paleoecology Database ( holdings across Indigenous territories as represented in the Native Land Digital project.
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# This script generates a stacked-circle plot using data from the
# Neotoma Paleoecology Database and the Native Land Digital dataset
# Code by: Simon J Goring
# I acknowledge my presence as a settler in unceeded territory, and
# undertake this work with humility towards those for whom the effects
# of colonialism are a lived experience.
pacman::p_load(jsonlite, sf, geojsonsf, purrr, dplyr, data.tree, treemap)
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Created June 9, 2021 17:46
Condenser config File
SimonGoring / output.bib
Created May 26, 2020 02:28
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publisher = {GitHub},
title = {Some Github Repo},
url = {},
author = {Goring, Simon},
date = {2020},
year = {2020},
SimonGoring /
Last active January 29, 2019 00:00
Getting ready for the PAGES ECR Webinar

Getting From There to Here

This webinar is set up as a "storytelling" session, about how I work through my projects that are intended for publication. In practice this is now how I manage most of my projects that involve some element of data exploration and collaboration. I will be live-coding during the presentation and intend to do so in a way that will allow people to follow along to some degree.

The webinar will be recorded and so people should not feel obligated to code along, or to keep up. If you would like to follow along, or revisit the webinar at a later date, these are the programs and R packages that you will need.

Important Links

SimonGoring / DataTypesinPython.ipynb
Created October 2, 2018 04:54
Loading yaml, csv, json and json-ld files in Python.
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SimonGoring /
Last active September 28, 2018 05:15
A script to build the database from the raw files.
""" Import libraries and create the connection. If the connection fails check the JSON file. """
import json
import csv
import re
import psycopg2
# Set to True if we want to delete the whole database as it runs:
dropall = True
SimonGoring /
Last active November 18, 2021 16:06
A short bash script to check a directory and report whether Git projects have been committed, or are being tracked.
NC='\033[0m' # No Color