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Compile order of parent and child directives in AngularJS
1. compile methods of all directives, run in order
2. controller
3. pre-link
4. (all actions of children directives)
5. post-link (AKA regular `link` function)
var app = angular.module('app',[]);
app.directive('bigPoppa', function($q){
return {
restrict: 'E',
controller: function($scope){ console.log('bigPoppa controller'); },
compile: function(scope, el) {
console.log('bigPoppa compile');
return {
pre: function(){ console.log('bigPoppa pre'); },
post: function(){ console.log('bigPoppa post'); }
app.directive('babyBird', function(){
return {
restrict: 'E',
controller: function(){ console.log('babyBird controller'); },
compile: function(scope, el) {
console.log('babyBird compile');
return {
pre: function(){ console.log('babyBird pre'); },
post: function(){ console.log('babyBird post'); }
console.log(''); // blank line

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SimplGy commented Aug 5, 2014

The output is:

bigPoppa compile
babyBird compile
bigPoppa controller
bigPoppa pre
babyBird controller
babyBird pre
babyBird post
bigPoppa post 
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