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Eric Miller SimplGy

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SimplGy / twoWaysToTestVars.js
Created Apr 3, 2012
Comparison of two ways to check for bad data in a method
View twoWaysToTestVars.js
//------------------ Option A: Use if else to avoid execution of bad data
// panelData = {
// title: "a title for the panel (optional)"
// subtitle: "subtitle for the panel (optional)"
// contents: "panel contents (required)"
// }
_addPanel = function (panelData) {
var $panel
, panelPos
View post-receive.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Aside from removing Ruby on Rails specific code this is taken verbatim from
# mislav's git-deploy ( and it's awesome
# - Ryan Florence (
# Install this hook to a remote repository with a working tree, when you push
# to it, this hook will reset the head so the files are updated
if ENV['GIT_DIR'] == '.'
SimplGy / runner.js
Created Feb 28, 2013
Updated PhantomJS QUnit runner to support RequireJS and CurlJS modules, which can load *after* QUnit.done is called. Also improved the console output and added a global timeout. If your test suite takes longer than `timeLimit` to run, it'll fail.
View runner.js
* QtWebKit-powered headless test runner using PhantomJS
* PhantomJS binaries:
* Requires PhantomJS 1.6+ (1.7+ recommended)
* Run with:
* phantomjs runner.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite]
* e.g.
Date.prototype.addHours = (h) ->
date = new Date @
date.setHours @getHours() + h
Date.prototype.isWeekday= ->
weekdays = [1..5] # Javascript days are integers from 0-6 starting at Sunday
_.contains weekdays, @.getDay()
SimplGy /
Last active Jan 4, 2016
Abstraction for an SPA's Analytics Library
() ->
_analyticsSites =
_libUrl = (server) ->
'js!' + server + '/js/piwik.js'
SimplGy / brandColors.sass
Created May 16, 2013
Brand Colors in a sass file for easy use in stylesheets. Feel free to add to this list :)
View brandColors.sass
$colorFacebook: #3b5998
$colorFitbit: #48c1c4
$colorLinkedIn: #0e76a8
$colorGoogle: #db4a39
$colorTwitter: #00acee
SimplGy / bootstrapButtonOverrider.sass
Created May 16, 2013
Factory for creating bootstrap button overrides using sass. Used for, say, changing the color of the '.btn-primary' bootstrap button.
View bootstrapButtonOverrider.sass
// This is a bootstrap button factory. Give it a class name and a color and it will build you a shiney bootstrap button override. Wowz.
// usage: +magicalButton('btn-green', green)
@mixin magicalButton($btnClassName: 'defaultPink', $color: #f66, $shading: 15, $highlighting: 10)
@include linear-gradient( $color, $color - $shading )
#{$btnClassName}:hover, #{$btnClassName}:focus
@include linear-gradient( $color + $highlighting, $color - $shading )
#{$btnClassName}:active, #{$color}.active
@include linear-gradient( $color + $highlighting*2, $color - $shading )
#{$btnClassName}.disabled, #{$btnClassName}[disabled]
SimplGy / rockerButton.sass
Last active Dec 17, 2015
SASS styles for an image free rocker switch button for yes/no or similar 2 option choices. It's tricky in part because it's the `.active` state that has little styling, but the inactive state has transforms and other wonkiness. Output looks like this:
View rockerButton.sass
// Result:
@import '../bower_components/bourbon/app/assets/stylesheets/_bourbon.scss'
$colorBackbground: whitesmoke
$colorForeground: #333
$colorGood: springgreen
$radiusSmall: 4px
$spaceTiny: 3px
$spaceLil: 10px
SimplGy / animationPlay
Last active Dec 18, 2015
SASS Animation Play
View animationPlay
$colorGood: lawngreen
background: $colorGood
+animation( blammo .5s )
SimplGy / screenSizeHelpers.sass
Last active Dec 20, 2015
Allows you to use simple block statements to conditionally target +phone, +desktop, and +tablet
View screenSizeHelpers.sass
$sizePhone: 603px
$sizeTablet: 1024px
@mixin phone
@media (max-width: $sizePhone)
@mixin tablet
@media (min-width: $sizePhone+1) and (max-width: $sizeTablet)
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