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SimpleBackups / remote-mysql-database-backup-via-ssh-tunneling
Created November 9, 2023 12:54
Remote MySQL Database Backup/Dump
# Reference:
# Setting up an SSH tunnel interactively
ssh -L 3306:mysql-server:3306 username@mysql-server
# How use mysqldump via SSH tunnel
mysqldump -P 3336 -u dbuser -p password database_name > dumpfile.sql
# How to restore a MySQL backup via the command line through an SSH tunne
mysql -P 3336 -u dbuser -p password database_name < dumpfile.sql
SimpleBackups / mysql-how-create-and-grant-permissions-to-mysql-user
Last active June 18, 2024 10:13
Discover how to effectively manage user permissions in MySQL
# Reference:
# How to create a User in MySQL
CREATE USER ‘username’@’hostname’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;
# How to show the list of users in MySQL
SELECT * FROM mysql.user;
# Show currently logged MySQL users
SELECT current_user();
SimpleBackups / gist:b0ea2eccc5284b3890bcd932af30cac7
Created November 9, 2023 10:34
# Reference:
# How to show a list MySQL databases with mysqlshow
mysqlshow -u YOUR_USER_NAME -p
# Show a list MySQL databases with SHOW DATABASES
mysql -u user -p
# Filter a list of MySQL databases
SimpleBackups / gist:febe9cd4974abb8181b394316d97dc22
Created November 8, 2023 14:06
Backup & Restore MySQL mysqldump
# Find current msqldump binary
which mysqldump
# Check mysqldump version
mysqldump --version
# Get mysqdump man
mysqldump --version
# Dump Specific MySQL Tables from a database
SimpleBackups /
Created June 12, 2020 10:17
Database Backup Script for MySQL and Dumping to Amazon S3

Database Backup Script for MySQL and Dumping to Amazon S3

You can automate the creation of backup and storing it to Amazon S3 within a few minutes. Below bullets brief about what you are going to learn in this part of the article:

  • Create a script that automates the MySQL backup directory creation
  • Upload/sync the backups with Amazon S3
  • Cron will run this command every day (to back up)

Step 1: Generating a shell script which will dump the MySQL database