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A jquery plugin for wrapping a function with a promise
// Wrap a function and return a promise instead of accepting a callback.
// @param target [Function] the function to be wrapped. This function *must*
// accept a callback as its last argument of the form `function(err, data) {}`.
// @param args [Array] an array of the arguments for the target function.
// Not including the final callback, which will be provided by promisify.
// @return [Promise] A jQuery promise object which will resolve or reject
// based on the arguments passed to the callback.
function promisify(fun, args, self) {
var d = $.Deferred();
fun.apply(self || this, (args || []).concat(function (err, data) {
err && d.reject(err);
return d.promise();
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NYCMEL commented Aug 25, 2018

Thank you Sinetheta;

Was wondering if you send me an example usage of your wonderful "promisify"
I can not get it to work

thank you

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