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Last active Oct 17, 2020
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Grabs a bunch of stats from vcgencmd and prints them out

This is just a useful monitoring script for the Raspberry Pi. Especially useful if you are running one in an environment where you are not sure if it will survive ;-)

You can use it just as a one off thing by calling the script or combine it with watch like this:


That way you get automatic updates of the health of your pi to your terminal.

cpu=$(cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp)
echo "$(date) @ $(hostname)"
printf "\n=== CPU Temperature ===\n"
printf "temp=$((cpu/1000))'C\n"
printf "\n=== GPU Temperature ===\n"
vcgencmd measure_temp
printf "\n=== System memory ===\n"
free -hmt --si
printf "\n=== Disk space ===\n"
df -hHl --type=ext4 --type=vfat --type=f2fs --type=exfat --type=btrfs
printf "\n=== Undervolt event ===\n"
vcgencmd get_throttled
printf "\n=== Current clocks ===\n"
for src in arm core h264 isp v3d uart pwm emmc pixel vec hdmi dpi ; do
printf "$src:\t$(vcgencmd measure_clock $src)\n"
printf "\n=== Current voltage ===\n"
for id in core sdram_c sdram_i sdram_p ; do
printf "$id:\t$(vcgencmd measure_volts $id)\n"
printf "\n=== Out of memory events ===\n"
vcgencmd mem_oom
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