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Keybase proof I hereby claim: * I am sirmaxx on github. * I am sirmax26 ( on keybase. * I have a public key ASDd7itMBUm05dc9lZoGKk4CJg4fp_9uRG3Um6BlZZnmhQo To claim this, I am signing this object: ```json { "body": { "key": { "eldest_kid": "0120ddee2b4c0549b4e5d73d959a062a4e02260e1fa7ff6e446dd49ba0656599e6850a", "host": "", "kid": "0120ddee2b4c0549b4e5d73d959a062a4e02260e1fa7ff6e446dd49ba0656599e6850a", "uid": "cf024c007420025c46d135cdf17ffc19", "username": "sirmax26" }, "merkle_root": { "ctime": 1546944793, "hash": "29db9dcd18ec414c975ba538d0ae92a76f7a22464d223b3323a9f3ec3b7ae8d86586edcc5637fd2805389c292123cc1b89000aa4691705b1bdf077e0deb02a2e", "hash_meta": "2ebcec8e59eabbad9771f7cf02f5f1c0a28daba455006c16778fe2f84617e0c5", "seqno": 4250916 }, "service": { "entropy": "UMUz+aIlWY/gwgxWVMlZUh6r", "name": "github", "username": "sirmaxx" }, "type": "web_service_binding", "version": 2 }, "client": { "name": " go client", "version": "2.12.4" }, "ctime": 154694483

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ı inspired this solution from
main solution in this link,if you use bootstrap 4 you can see html elements
Bu sorunun temel çözümü yukarıdaki linktedir
bootstrap kullanarak html elementleri görebilirsiniz
güvenlik için bir fonksiyon/security function