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Created June 12, 2021 17:37
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class Dense_Block(nn.ModuleDict):
def __init__(self, n_layers, in_channels, growthrate, bn_size):
A Dense block consists of `n_layers` of `Dense_Layer`
n_layers: Number of dense layers to be stacked
in_channels: Number of input channels for first layer in the block
growthrate: Growth rate (k) as mentioned in DenseNet paper
bn_size: Multiplicative factor for # of bottleneck layers
super(Dense_Block, self).__init__()
layers = dict()
for i in range(n_layers):
layer = Dense_Layer(in_channels + i * growthrate, growthrate, bn_size)
layers['dense{}'.format(i)] = layer
self.block = nn.ModuleDict(layers)
def forward(self, features):
if(isinstance(features, torch.Tensor)):
features = [features]
for _, layer in self.block.items():
new_features = layer(features)
return, dim=1)
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