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I think Socket::Inet could be a bit changed on how it's implemented.
Currently it has 2 defaults :
-The SA Familly attribute is totally ignored.
This means like in a case of localhost being ipv4 and ipv6 the user has no control over what protocole will be used.
-No way to specify on wisch ip/interface you want to bind your socket when you use connect
This mean that a server with multiple ip can't use them.
Proposed changes to fix that:
Use the argument passed to nqp::socket to specify the sa family. (actually it does nothing in MoarVM, look like a parrot reliquat?)
This will have 3 values: IPv4 IPv6 (AF_INET, AF_INET6) or Prefered
Prefered mean it will choose what the hostname resolution give us first. The 2 other will force the use of this family.
Change nqp::bindsock to only bind the socket and not do listen and a nqp::listensock operation that will listen.
This allow the case of specified source address directly in Rakudo, since it's a bind operation before connecting the socket.
This will also need to add a field for the sa-family in the MoarVM socket structure.
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