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@Skarsnik Skarsnik/Stuff.p6
Created Jul 19, 2017

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Average time to transform C data to Perl6 object (xml) in seconds
"rakudo-2016.01.1" => ${:xml(5.3950312896)},
"rakudo-2016.02" => ${:xml(4.92652848062)},
"rakudo-2016.03" => ${:xml(4.7317674055)},
"rakudo-2016.04" => ${:xml(4.9266673772)},
"rakudo-2016.05" => ${:xml(4.71681947714)},
"rakudo-2016.06" => ${:xml(3.9090515814)},
"rakudo-2016.07.1" => ${:xml(2.7266115406)},
"rakudo-2016.08.1" => ${:xml(2.6801272264)},
"rakudo-2016.09" => ${:xml(2.57109292814)},
"rakudo-2016.10" => ${:xml(2.8735739816)},
"rakudo-2016.11" => ${:xml(2.81116208372)},
"rakudo-2016.12" => ${:xml(1.93664201512)},
"rakudo-2017.01" => ${:xml(1.78537089208)},
"rakudo-2017.02" => ${:xml(1.77266924278)},
"rakudo-2017.03" => ${:xml(1.87444388964)},
"rakudo-2017.04.3" => ${:xml(1.9158886622)},
"rakudo-2017.05" => ${:xml(1.877475411)},
"rakudo-2017.06" => ${:xml(1.8606340174)},
"rakudo-2017.07" => ${:xml(1.875272065)})
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