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A simple ListBox to display Settings in a proper way.





public void init_settings () {
  SettingsListBox settings = new SettingsListBox ();
  this.pack_start (settings, true, true, 0);

  settings.new_section ("Police");

  Gtk.FontButton button_font = new Gtk.FontButton ();
  settings.new_row (button_font,
    "Police de caractères",
    "Utiliser une police de caractères personalisée."

  settings.new_section ("Vue d'ensemble");

  Gtk.Switch switch_minimap = new Gtk.Switch ();
  settings.new_row (switch_minimap,
    "Afficher la vue d'ensemble",
    "Affiche une vue d'ensemble à côté de l'éditeur de code source."

  settings.new_section ("Indentation");

  Gtk.SpinButton button_indent = new Gtk.SpinButton.with_range (0, 8, 2);
  settings.new_row (button_indent,
    "Largeur de tabulation",
    "Permet de définir la largeur d'une tabulation dans l'éditeur de code source."

  Gtk.Switch switch_indent_space = new Gtk.Switch ();
  settings.new_row (switch_indent_space,
    "Insérer des espaces au lieu de tabulations",
    "Insére 4 espaces à la place d'une tabulation."

  Gtk.Switch switch_auto_indent = new Gtk.Switch ();
  settings.new_row (switch_auto_indent,
    "Activer l'indentation automatique",
    "Formate automatiquement le texte pour l'indenter."
public class SettingsListBox: Gtk.Box {
public Gtk.Box scrolled_box;
public Gtk.ListBox listbox;
public SettingsListBox () {
this.set_orientation (Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL);
Gtk.ScrolledWindow scroll = new Gtk.ScrolledWindow (null, null);
scroll.set_size_request (400, 1);
this.pack_start (scroll, true, true, 0);
Gtk.Box hbox = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL, 0);
scroll.add (hbox);
this.scrolled_box = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 0);
this.scrolled_box.set_size_request (400, 1);
hbox.pack_start (this.scrolled_box, true, true, 0);
public Gtk.Box new_section (string name) {
Gtk.Box box = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL, 0);
this.scrolled_box.pack_start (box, false, false, 5);
Gtk.Label label = new Gtk.Label (null);
label.set_line_wrap (true);
label.set_markup (@"<b>$name</b>");
label.set_margin_top (4);
label.set_margin_start (6);
box.pack_start (label, false, false, 2);
this.listbox = new Gtk.ListBox ();
this.listbox.set_selection_mode (Gtk.SelectionMode.NONE);
this.scrolled_box.pack_start (this.listbox, false, false, 0);
return box;
public Gtk.Box new_row (Gtk.Widget widget, string name, string? help = null) {
Gtk.ListBoxRow row = new Gtk.ListBoxRow ();
row.set_size_request (1, 50);
this.listbox.add (row);
Gtk.Box box = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.HORIZONTAL, 0);
box.set_border_width (5);
row.add (box);
Gtk.Box vbox = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 0);
box.pack_start (vbox, false, true, 0);
Gtk.Label label = new Gtk.Label (name);
label.set_line_wrap (true);
label.set_xalign (0);
vbox.pack_start (label, false, false, 0);
if (help != null) {
label = new Gtk.Label (null);
label.set_xalign (0);
label.set_sensitive (false);
label.set_markup (@"<small>$help</small>");
vbox.pack_start (label, false, false, 0);
vbox = new Gtk.Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 0);
vbox.set_center_widget (widget);
box.pack_end (vbox, false, false, 0);
return box;

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@aggsol aggsol commented Mar 5, 2020

Do you mind if I borrow that code for my project?

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