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Last active May 14, 2021 17:23
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Exercism contributions

I really don't like the notion where we look at commit counts (that's code style), line count (quantity/quality, and highly different per language) or even time investment (indication of efficiency, not effort), so I've only listed the projects and the additions and leave it up to managment to make some pragmatic choices for rewards.

This is a non-comprehensive list of things I think I contributed, which others can use as a basis for their own list.

Tooling I've written from scratch

The base for JavaScript/TypeScript is often the same, but not exact copies. All TypeScript tooling needs to deal with type information (retention and parsing) whereas the JavaScript tooling needs to do the opposite (stripping when necessary and ignoring).

Tracks I've designed for V3

Tracks I've designed for V2.5 (track-anatomy)

Tracks where I've done large projects

I've contributed exensively to various tracks where the PR can not reflect the effort that went into it.

Contributions for maintainers

Those reference and docs have me in the blame, but my authorship was lost when these moved to exercism/docs.

Contributions bootstrapping v3

Especially before COVID, but also during a few locked-down weekend Jeremy asked me to hack together a few things. We would spike a new feature in various languages. This includes the idea of dockerised test-runners and representation normalisation.

  • Experimental analyzers that contributed to analyzer comment level statuses
  • Weekend Hackathon to get a dockerized test-runner working
  • Weekend Hackathon to get a representer working, including normalisation
  • Reviews on v3-website (now website) for 97 PRs
  • Hacking together with Neenjaw / Tim and Reviewing his work on the Graphs, Tooltips, and @exercism/active-background

Libraries being used by Exercism I've written from scratch

Other things perhaps worth mentioning

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