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September 7 2023 - Chia Network AMA

September 7 2023 - Chia Network AMA Notable Takeaways


  • Cannot comment until it is legally responsible to do so


  • CNI is working with a number of big entities but cannot comment on ongoing projects and partnerships until the partners are ready to share.

Chia Roadmap

  • Update coming in the next 2 weeks
  • Likely in conjunction with a product AMA with new product lead, Cameron Cooper

ETH-XCH Bridge

  • Team is excited about it.
  • No news to share this AMA because a bigger update will be coming in the next week.

Wen Merch?

  • Logistics are complicated to get good quality merch
  • No resources dedicated to this yet
  • Should be on track to be delivered before the IPO

ASIC Timelords

ASIC Timelords

  • (can see the ASIC timelord at top of pyramid)
  • Going through final stages of testing internally, testnet next month.
  • Distribution not determined yet. Aiming to ship out by end of year.
  • Selection criteria will include: geographic location, speed/stability of internet connection
  • Some will be going to academics and researchers to try to break/audit.
  • No measure on power draw yet, but it's not much and they run cool with metal casing.
  • Can technically do Bluebox compactification but this is not a priority to write the software for it.


  • CUDA plotting full-ram (256GB) was released in Bladebit 3.0 as part of Chia 2.0
  • CUDA plotting partial RAM (128GB) is available in Bladebit 3.1, and will likely be the most popular option.
  • CUDA plotting partial RAM (16GB) is available in Bladebit 3.1 but is highly limited by disk speed (3GB/s sustained write), not recommended.
  • Bladebit diskplot and overall clean up of plotting options coming in the future.
  • Bug with Linux GUI and specific CLI command generating invalid plots was fixed, upgrade to Chia 2.0.1 if impacted.
  • Plots check should be done on SSD before moving to hard drive, especially for compressed plots.
  • AMD plotting/harvesting support will be "under consideration" in the roadmap update.
  • CPU farming performance is on par with Gigahorse, GPU performance can be improved.
  • Check out updated docs for guidance and ask in Discord
  • Also check out Digital Spaceport's YouTube Channel for great learning resources.

Phison plotting SSDs

  • New Phison pTLC SSDs are perfect for Chia plotting workload (TLC drives put in SLC mode)
  • Sustained r/w speed of 6.5 to 7 GBPs, perfect for partial RAM CUDA plot modes.
  • Working to get it sold on Amazon under popular brands (Sabrent, Corsair etc.)
  • Digital Spaceport's store will have it first, best place to get it.

Cultivation Grant Program

  • Several big successes have made the existing grant program worth it (e.g. Evergreen, Dexie)
  • But there have also been a number of defunct projects
  • Program was paused but will be rebooting with a different structure this fall.

Hardware wallets

  • Tangem team and product is great but CNI is not in a position to audit/approve third party software
  • Ledger wallet support in progress, first want to develop security/custody features on blockchain before integration.

Block size cap

  • Currently block sizes are artificially capped to 50% to ensure low end hardware can keep up
  • Removing this cap will require node code update
  • Not necessary to remove cap at this stage given current level of on-chain transactions


  • CNI will be launching a Chialisp learning platform with a demo program to develop as a working example.
  • Custody solutions will have better UX in the future
  • Justin and Cameron's second fav crypto is Bitcoin
  • Cameron wishes someone will work on zero-knowledge now that the BLS op-codes are in
  • CHIP-13 will decrease netspace estimates by 0.5~1%
  • Chiapower energy model has been updated to include lower plotting energy usage and higher harvesting energy usage due to compressed plots. Has not been pushed to yet
  • Justin is playing Baldur's Gate 3
  • JM is playing Diablo 4
  • J finds himself on the board of a maker space

Thank you Serial Plotter from Chia Network Discord for providing their notes too!

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