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Re-calculates and updates the value of `check` in me.pou.app_preferences.xml for the Android game Pou
# Read the value of state from me.pou.app_preferences.xml
state=$(grep -oPm1 '(?<=<string name="state">)[^<]+' me.pou.app_preferences.xml)
# Format state to the hashable string & calculate it's hash
check=$(echo -n "p@v_4"${state//&quot;/\"} | md5sum | awk '{ print $1 }')
# Update the value of check in the me.pou.app_preferences.xml
# Regex from
sed -i -r 's/(<string name="check">)[^<]*/<string name="check">'$check'/g' me.pou.app_preferences.xml
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