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Last active January 14, 2022 12:30
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App Wishlist

Small to Medium tasks

  • Update checker: Check if there's a new release on GitHub upon starting the application, and prompt the user if there is (should be an option to not show the message again).
  • Release Notes popup: Show a popup with the Release Notes when you run a new Nucleus Version for the first time.
  • Add icons that indicate if a controller is used in the menu where you change controller names
  • Change controller icon "in-use effect": Change the in-use effect for the controller icon so that they light up the same way as multiple KBM icons do (yellow tint instead of green circle)
  • Add a theme selector in the settings UI
  • Add link-color to the theme.ini, and default it to blue
  • Change link text and icons to blue (maybe also underline)

  • Option to change the color of this frame in theme.ini

  • Option to change the color of the top bar icons in theme.ini

  • Option to change the background color of the top bar in theme.ini

Big tasks:

  • Add controller support to the UI: Make it so you're able to navigate, and select a game to play with a controller.
  • Implement Parsec or Parsec Soda into Nucleus Co-op: Not sure how this would work, but it's been suggested:**
  • Implement Splitcalculator into Nucleus
  • Option to add saves to cloud storage (google drive):
  • Add support for steam-input: If we someone get steam input working in Nucleus, we'll get a lot of controller configs for free, as well as some more supported controllers (for example: steam controller). This has discussed before.
  • Add option to launch Nucleus with a certain config from console and/or launch arguments: It would be nice to be able to launch a certain setup (game/script, number of players, position of players, controllers to use, Context.Options, etc...) with launch arguments. That way we could make an .exe for each script. If this is made possible, we can even add an UI option to "save config as .exe" for each setup.


  • Add a page for seeing number of App/hub downloads This can link to (I should rework this before you add it, so that it sends a JSON response instead of plaint text) for hub stats, and to GitHubs API for App downloads.

Finished tasks

  • Only show verified scripts in the UI: You get verified status from the API, so just filter by it in the app, and remove the "only show verified" option in the UI.
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Feel free to write more suggestions in the comments, and I'll consider adding them :)

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