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Last active Nov 14, 2021
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ducksearch privacy policy

Updated October 4th, 2021

What does ducksearch store, and for how long?

ducksearch currently does not permanently store information about users. User IDs are temporarily used for command processing when a command is executed or when a button (that is not a link) is clicked. They are temporarily stored for as long as the command is executing.

Usernames, User IDs, and the command executed are logged along with any errors that occur with running commands. These logs are stored temporarily.

ducksearch also caches channel IDs when changing the Safe Search filter in a guild channel. This is to make sure that the command is ran inside of a channel that is marked as NSFW.

What data is shared with third parties?

User data is not shared to any third-party services.

How can I request to delete my data?

The only stored data that can be deleted would be channel ID pairs, however this data is deleted after 30 minutes. You can request to have this data deleted using the contact information below.

Where can I ask further questions about my data?

For any future concerns, join the Discord server and contact Snazzah. If not available, you can email concerns to me(at)

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