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Commands for TIOBot 0.0.3

Commands begin with #TIO, followed by the command itself, followed by any arguments.


Shorthand commands allow you to execute code in one command.

Command Description
run <lang> <code> Executes the code in the given language and displays the output.
do <lang> <code> Executes the code and displays the first line of output.
<lang> <code> Shorthand for run, as long as <lang> does not clash with any other command.


Session commands allow you to edit code, input, flags, arguments, etc. with multiple commands, then submit the session for execution.

Command Description
session <lang> Begins a session in the given language.
code <code> Adds a line of code to the current session.
input <input> Adds a line of input to the current session.
arg <arg> Adds an argument to the current session.
flag <flag> Adds a flag to the current session.
cflag <cflag> Adds a compiler flag to the current session.
submit Submits the current session for execution.
cancel Cancels the current session.
view Displays the current session.


Command Description
help Displays a link to this page.
version Displays the version of the bot (this command was added in v0.0.3, so if the bot's version is below that, this command will not succeed).


All of the alias commands require permissions, see below.

Command Description
alias command <command> <text> Creates an alias command. For example, #TIO alias command python #TIO run python3 %args% adds a #Python <code> command.
alias lang <alias> <lang> Creates an alias for a language. For example, #TIO alias lang java java-openjdk makes java a recognized language.
alias rcommand <alias> Removes a command alias.
alias rlang <alias Removes a language alias.


A user has permissions if they are the room owner, a moderator, or are granted permissions.

Command Description
grant <userId> Grants a user permission.
revoke <userId> Revokes a user's permission. Moderators and room owners cannot have their permissions revoked.
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