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Created December 26, 2021 14:36
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.method private hidebysig instance bool
CheckPassword(string text) cil managed
// Code size 408 (0x198)
.maxstack 3
.locals init (class [mscorlib]System.Security.Cryptography.SHA256 V_0,
uint8[] V_1,
bool V_2)
IL_0000: nop
IL_0001: call class [mscorlib]System.Security.Cryptography.SHA256 [mscorlib]System.Security.Cryptography.SHA256::Create()
IL_0006: stloc.0
IL_0007: nop
IL_0008: ldloc.0
IL_0009: call class [mscorlib]System.Text.Encoding [mscorlib]System.Text.Encoding::get_UTF8()
IL_000e: ldarg.1
IL_000f: callvirt instance uint8[] [mscorlib]System.Text.Encoding::GetBytes(string)
IL_0014: callvirt instance uint8[] [mscorlib]System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm::ComputeHash(uint8[])
IL_0019: stloc.1
IL_001a: ldloc.1
IL_001b: ldc.i4.0
IL_001c: ldelem.u1
IL_001d: ldc.i4 0x99
IL_0022: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0027: ldloc.1
IL_0028: ldc.i4.1
IL_0029: ldelem.u1
IL_002a: ldc.i4 0x97
IL_002f: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0034: ldloc.1
IL_0035: ldc.i4.2
IL_0036: ldelem.u1
IL_0037: ldc.i4 0xee
IL_003c: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0041: ldloc.1
IL_0042: ldc.i4.3
IL_0043: ldelem.u1
IL_0044: ldc.i4.s 107
IL_0046: bne.un IL_0187
IL_004b: ldloc.1
IL_004c: ldc.i4.4
IL_004d: ldelem.u1
IL_004e: ldc.i4 0xc0
IL_0053: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0058: ldloc.1
IL_0059: ldc.i4.5
IL_005a: ldelem.u1
IL_005b: ldc.i4.s 82
IL_005d: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0062: ldloc.1
IL_0063: ldc.i4.6
IL_0064: ldelem.u1
IL_0065: ldc.i4.s 64
IL_0067: bne.un IL_0187
IL_006c: ldloc.1
IL_006d: ldc.i4.7
IL_006e: ldelem.u1
IL_006f: ldc.i4 0x93
IL_0074: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0079: ldloc.1
IL_007a: ldc.i4.8
IL_007b: ldelem.u1
IL_007c: ldc.i4 0xf7
IL_0081: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0086: ldloc.1
IL_0087: ldc.i4.s 9
IL_0089: ldelem.u1
IL_008a: ldc.i4 0xdf
IL_008f: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0094: ldloc.1
IL_0095: ldc.i4.s 10
IL_0097: ldelem.u1
IL_0098: ldc.i4 0xb2
IL_009d: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00a2: ldloc.1
IL_00a3: ldc.i4.s 11
IL_00a5: ldelem.u1
IL_00a6: ldc.i4 0xae
IL_00ab: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00b0: ldloc.1
IL_00b1: ldc.i4.s 12
IL_00b3: ldelem.u1
IL_00b4: ldc.i4 0x8f
IL_00b9: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00be: ldloc.1
IL_00bf: ldc.i4.s 13
IL_00c1: ldelem.u1
IL_00c2: ldc.i4 0x80
IL_00c7: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00cc: ldloc.1
IL_00cd: ldc.i4.s 14
IL_00cf: ldelem.u1
IL_00d0: ldc.i4 0xa9
IL_00d5: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00da: ldloc.1
IL_00db: ldc.i4.s 15
IL_00dd: ldelem.u1
IL_00de: ldc.i4 0x97
IL_00e3: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00e8: ldloc.1
IL_00e9: ldc.i4.s 16
IL_00eb: ldelem.u1
IL_00ec: ldc.i4 0xd7
IL_00f1: bne.un IL_0187
IL_00f6: ldloc.1
IL_00f7: ldc.i4.s 17
IL_00f9: ldelem.u1
IL_00fa: ldc.i4.s 85
IL_00fc: bne.un IL_0187
IL_0101: ldloc.1
IL_0102: ldc.i4.s 18
IL_0104: ldelem.u1
IL_0105: ldc.i4.4
IL_0106: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0108: ldloc.1
IL_0109: ldc.i4.s 19
IL_010b: ldelem.u1
IL_010c: ldc.i4 0xbf
IL_0111: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0113: ldloc.1
IL_0114: ldc.i4.s 20
IL_0116: ldelem.u1
IL_0117: ldc.i4 0xd2
IL_011c: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_011e: ldloc.1
IL_011f: ldc.i4.s 21
IL_0121: ldelem.u1
IL_0122: ldc.i4 0xe8
IL_0127: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0129: ldloc.1
IL_012a: ldc.i4.s 22
IL_012c: ldelem.u1
IL_012d: ldc.i4.s 41
IL_012f: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0131: ldloc.1
IL_0132: ldc.i4.s 23
IL_0134: ldelem.u1
IL_0135: ldc.i4 0xf5
IL_013a: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_013c: ldloc.1
IL_013d: ldc.i4.s 24
IL_013f: ldelem.u1
IL_0140: ldc.i4.s 74
IL_0142: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0144: ldloc.1
IL_0145: ldc.i4.s 25
IL_0147: ldelem.u1
IL_0148: ldc.i4.s 42
IL_014a: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_014c: ldloc.1
IL_014d: ldc.i4.s 26
IL_014f: ldelem.u1
IL_0150: ldc.i4.s 12
IL_0152: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0154: ldloc.1
IL_0155: ldc.i4.s 27
IL_0157: ldelem.u1
IL_0158: ldc.i4 0xd3
IL_015d: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_015f: ldloc.1
IL_0160: ldc.i4.s 28
IL_0162: ldelem.u1
IL_0163: ldc.i4.s 23
IL_0165: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_0167: ldloc.1
IL_0168: ldc.i4.s 29
IL_016a: ldelem.u1
IL_016b: ldc.i4.s 42
IL_016d: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_016f: ldloc.1
IL_0170: ldc.i4.s 30
IL_0172: ldelem.u1
IL_0173: ldc.i4 0xda
IL_0178: bne.un.s IL_0187
IL_017a: ldloc.1
IL_017b: ldc.i4.s 31
IL_017d: ldelem.u1
IL_017e: ldc.i4 0xd8
IL_0183: ceq
IL_0185: br.s IL_0188
IL_0187: ldc.i4.0
IL_0188: stloc.2
IL_0189: leave.s IL_0196
} // end .try
IL_018b: ldloc.0
IL_018c: brfalse.s IL_0195
IL_018e: ldloc.0
IL_018f: callvirt instance void [mscorlib]System.IDisposable::Dispose()
IL_0194: nop
IL_0195: endfinally
} // end handler
IL_0196: ldloc.2
IL_0197: ret
} // end of method MainActivity::CheckPassword
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