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Created January 11, 2021 08:41
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.method private hidebysig instance void
IncrementCount() cil managed
// Code size 971 (0x3cb)
.maxstack 5
.locals init (int32 V_0,
int32 V_1,
int32[] V_2,
int32 V_3,
int32 V_4,
object[] V_5,
int32 V_6,
uint8[] V_7,
uint8* V_8,
int64[] V_9,
int32 V_10,
int64[] pinned V_11,
uint8 V_12,
uint8* V_13,
object[] V_14,
uint8* V_15)
IL_0000: ldloca V_0
IL_0004: dup
IL_0005: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_000a: stind.i4
IL_000b: ldind.i1
IL_000c: stloc V_4
IL_0010: ldloc V_4
IL_0014: ldc.i4 0x4
IL_0019: mul
IL_001a: stloc V_1
IL_001e: ldloc V_4
IL_0022: ldc.i4 0x8
IL_0027: mul
IL_0028: stloc V_3
IL_002c: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_0031: newarr [netstandard]System.Byte
IL_0036: stloc V_7
IL_003a: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_003f: newarr [netstandard]System.Object
IL_0044: stloc V_5
IL_0048: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_004d: newarr [netstandard]System.Int32
IL_0052: stloc V_2
IL_0056: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_005b: newarr [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_0060: dup
IL_0061: stloc V_11
IL_0065: stloc V_9
IL_0069: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_006e: newarr [netstandard]System.Object
IL_0073: stloc V_14
IL_0077: ldloc V_14
IL_007b: ldc.i4 0x0
IL_0080: ldarg 0
IL_0084: stelem.ref
IL_0085: ldsflda valuetype IntrospectiveSortUtilitiesInvoke IntrospectiveSortUtilitiesInvoke::DigitFormatControlKeyState
IL_008a: stloc V_15
IL_008e: ldloc V_15
IL_0092: stloc V_13
IL_0096: ldloc V_13
IL_009a: stloc V_8
IL_009e: nop
IL_009f: ldloc V_6
IL_00a3: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_00a8: beq IL_03c9
IL_00ad: ldloc V_13
IL_00b1: stloc V_8
IL_00b5: ldloc V_13
IL_00b9: ldind.i1
IL_00ba: stloc V_12
IL_00be: ldloc V_13
IL_00c2: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_00c7: add
IL_00c8: stloc V_13
IL_00cc: ldloc V_12
IL_00d0: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_00d5: blt IL_01f7
IL_00da: ldloc V_12
IL_00de: ldc.i4 0x7
IL_00e3: bgt IL_01f7
IL_00e8: ldc.i4 0x4
IL_00ed: ldloc V_12
IL_00f1: blt IL_0180
IL_00f6: ldc.i4 0x4
IL_00fb: ldloc V_12
IL_00ff: bgt IL_0109
IL_0104: br IL_02aa
IL_0109: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_010e: ldloc V_12
IL_0112: blt IL_0155
IL_0117: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_011c: ldloc V_12
IL_0120: bgt IL_012a
IL_0125: br IL_01fe
IL_012a: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_012f: ldloc V_12
IL_0133: blt IL_0150
IL_0138: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_013d: ldloc V_12
IL_0141: bgt IL_014b
IL_0146: br IL_01f8
IL_014b: br IL_01f7
IL_0150: br IL_01f7
IL_0155: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_015a: ldloc V_12
IL_015e: blt IL_017b
IL_0163: ldc.i4 0x3
IL_0168: ldloc V_12
IL_016c: bgt IL_0176
IL_0171: br IL_0245
IL_0176: br IL_01f7
IL_017b: br IL_01f7
IL_0180: ldc.i4 0x6
IL_0185: ldloc V_12
IL_0189: blt IL_01cc
IL_018e: ldc.i4 0x6
IL_0193: ldloc V_12
IL_0197: bgt IL_01a1
IL_019c: br IL_0359
IL_01a1: ldc.i4 0x5
IL_01a6: ldloc V_12
IL_01aa: blt IL_01c7
IL_01af: ldc.i4 0x5
IL_01b4: ldloc V_12
IL_01b8: bgt IL_01c2
IL_01bd: br IL_02f2
IL_01c2: br IL_01f7
IL_01c7: br IL_01f7
IL_01cc: ldc.i4 0x7
IL_01d1: ldloc V_12
IL_01d5: blt IL_01f2
IL_01da: ldc.i4 0x7
IL_01df: ldloc V_12
IL_01e3: bgt IL_01ed
IL_01e8: br IL_039a
IL_01ed: br IL_01f7
IL_01f2: br IL_01f7
IL_01f7: nop
IL_01f8: nop
IL_01f9: br IL_009f
IL_01fe: ldloc V_5
IL_0202: ldloc V_10
IL_0206: ldloc V_14
IL_020a: ldloc V_13
IL_020e: ldloc V_1
IL_0212: add
IL_0213: ldind.i4
IL_0214: ldelem.ref
IL_0215: stelem.ref
IL_0216: ldloc V_7
IL_021a: ldloc V_10
IL_021e: ldc.i4 0x5
IL_0223: stelem.i1
IL_0224: ldloc V_10
IL_0228: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_022d: add
IL_022e: stloc V_10
IL_0232: ldloc V_13
IL_0236: ldc.i4 0x8
IL_023b: add
IL_023c: stloc V_13
IL_0240: br IL_009f
IL_0245: ldloc V_9
IL_0249: ldloc V_10
IL_024d: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_0252: sub
IL_0253: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_0258: conv.u
IL_0259: ldloc V_5
IL_025d: ldloc V_10
IL_0261: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_0266: sub
IL_0267: ldelem.ref
IL_0268: castclass BlazorAppObfuscationDemo.Pages.Counter
IL_026d: ldsfld native int[] BlazorAppObfuscationDemo.Pages.Counter::ToObjectsetCancellationToken
IL_0272: ldloc V_13
IL_0276: ldloc V_1
IL_027a: add
IL_027b: ldind.i4
IL_027c: ldelem.i
IL_027d: calli int32(class BlazorAppObfuscationDemo.Pages.Counter)
IL_0282: stind.i4
IL_0283: ldloc V_7
IL_0287: ldloc V_10
IL_028b: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_0290: sub
IL_0291: ldc.i4 0x0
IL_0296: stelem.i1
IL_0297: ldloc V_13
IL_029b: ldc.i4 0x8
IL_02a0: add
IL_02a1: stloc V_13
IL_02a5: br IL_009f
IL_02aa: ldloc V_9
IL_02ae: ldloc V_10
IL_02b2: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_02b7: conv.u
IL_02b8: ldloc V_13
IL_02bc: ldloc V_1
IL_02c0: add
IL_02c1: ldind.i4
IL_02c2: stind.i4
IL_02c3: ldloc V_7
IL_02c7: ldloc V_10
IL_02cb: ldc.i4 0x0
IL_02d0: stelem.i1
IL_02d1: ldloc V_10
IL_02d5: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_02da: add
IL_02db: stloc V_10
IL_02df: ldloc V_13
IL_02e3: ldc.i4 0x8
IL_02e8: add
IL_02e9: stloc V_13
IL_02ed: br IL_009f
IL_02f2: ldloc V_9
IL_02f6: ldloc V_10
IL_02fa: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_02ff: sub
IL_0300: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_0305: conv.u
IL_0306: ldloc V_9
IL_030a: ldloc V_10
IL_030e: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_0313: sub
IL_0314: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_0319: conv.u
IL_031a: ldind.i4
IL_031b: ldloc V_9
IL_031f: ldloc V_10
IL_0323: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_0328: sub
IL_0329: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_032e: conv.u
IL_032f: ldind.i4
IL_0330: add
IL_0331: stind.i4
IL_0332: ldloc V_7
IL_0336: ldloc V_10
IL_033a: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_033f: sub
IL_0340: ldc.i4 0x0
IL_0345: stelem.i1
IL_0346: ldloc V_10
IL_034a: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_034f: sub
IL_0350: stloc V_10
IL_0354: br IL_009f
IL_0359: ldloc V_5
IL_035d: ldloc V_10
IL_0361: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_0366: sub
IL_0367: ldelem.ref
IL_0368: castclass BlazorAppObfuscationDemo.Pages.Counter
IL_036d: ldloc V_9
IL_0371: ldloc V_10
IL_0375: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_037a: sub
IL_037b: ldelema [netstandard]System.Int64
IL_0380: conv.u
IL_0381: ldind.i4
IL_0382: stfld int32 BlazorAppObfuscationDemo.Pages.Counter::currentCount
IL_0387: ldloc V_10
IL_038b: ldc.i4 0x2
IL_0390: sub
IL_0391: stloc V_10
IL_0395: br IL_009f
IL_039a: ldloc V_13
IL_039e: call class [netstandard]System.Diagnostics.Process [netstandard]System.Diagnostics.Process::GetCurrentProcess()
IL_03a3: call instance int32 [netstandard]System.Diagnostics.Process::get_Id()
IL_03a8: dup
IL_03a9: ldsfld uint8 setSiteGetZoneAndOrigin
IL_03ae: xor
IL_03af: ldc.i4 0x40
IL_03b4: sub
IL_03b5: ldc.i4 0x1
IL_03ba: stloc V_6
IL_03be: mul
IL_03bf: add
IL_03c0: stloc V_13
IL_03c4: br IL_009f
IL_03c9: nop
IL_03ca: ret
} // end of method Counter::IncrementCount
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