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Converts old UNET code into modern Mirror Networking code
// Mirror Network Migration Tool
// Written by M. Coburn (@coburn64 on Twitter/SoftwareGuy on Github)
// This file is part of Mirror Networking by Coburn64, Lymdun, vis2k and Paul (goldbug).
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
// This is an editor script and should not be referenced in Runtime binaries.
namespace Mirror.MigrationUtilities
/// <summary>
/// A migration tool that will help migrate stock UNET code to Mirror code.
/// </summary>
public static class MirrorNetworkMigrator
// Private variables that don't need to be modified.
static string scriptExtension = "*.cs";
static string[] knownIncompatibleRegexes = {
"SyncListStruct", // this probably needs improvement but i didn't want to duplicate lines of code
@"\[Command([^\],]*)\]", // Commands over non-reliable channels
@"\[ClientRpc([^\],]*)\]", // ClientRPCs over non-reliable channels
@"\[TargetRpc([^\],]*)\]", // TargetRPCs over non-reliable channels
@"\[SyncEvent([^\],]*)\]" // SyncEvents (over non-reliable channels) - seriously?
static string[] knownCompatibleReplacements = {
"SyncListSTRUCT", // because mirror's version is moar bettah.
static int filesModified = 0;
static string scriptBuffer = string.Empty;
static MatchCollection matches;
// Logic portion begins below.
[MenuItem("Tools/Mirror/Migrate from UNET")]
public static void Mirror_Migration_Tool()
// Safeguard in case a developer goofs up
if (knownIncompatibleRegexes.Length != knownCompatibleReplacements.Length)
Debug.Log("[Mirror Migration Tool] BUG DETECTED: Regexes to search for DO NOT match the Regex Replacements. Cannot continue.");
// Display a welcome dialog.
if (EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Mirror Network Migration Tool", "Welcome to the Migration Tool for Mirror Networking. " +
"This tool will convert your existing UNET code into the Mirror equivalent code.\n\nBefore we begin, we STRONGLY " +
"recommend you take a full backup of your project as this tool is not perfect.\n\nWhile it does not attempt to " +
"purposefully trash your network scripts, it could break your project. Be smart and BACKUP NOW.",
"I'm good.", "I'll backup first.")) {
// User accepted the risks - go ahead!
// Cleanup after yourself.
// Refresh the asset database, because sometimes Unity will be lazy about it.
} else {
EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Aborted", "You opted to abort the migration process. Please come back once you've taken a backup.", "Got it");
private static void MigrationTool_DoActualMigration()
// Place holder for the assets folder location.
string assetsFolder = Application.dataPath;
// List structure for the CSharp files.
List<string> filesToScanAndModify = new List<string>();
// Be verbose and say what's happening.
Debug.Log("[Mirror Migration Tool] Determined your asset folder is at: " + assetsFolder);
Debug.Log("[Mirror Migration Tool] Scanning your C# scripts... This might take a moment.");
// Now we scan the directory...
DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(assetsFolder);
// For every entry in this structure add it to the list.
// SearchOption.AllDirectories will traverse the directory stack
foreach (FileInfo potentialFile in dirInfo.GetFiles(scriptExtension, SearchOption.AllDirectories))
// DEBUG ONLY. This will cause massive Unity Console Spammage!
// Debug.Log("[Mirror Migration Tool] DEBUG: Scanned " + potentialFile.FullName);
// Final chance to abort.
if (!EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Continue?", string.Format("We've found {0} file(s) that may need updating. Depending on your hardware and storage, " +
"this might take a while. Do you wish to continue the process?", filesToScanAndModify.Count), "Go ahead!", "Abort"))
EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Aborted", "You opted to abort the migration process. Please come back once you're ready to migrate.", "Got it");
// Okay, let's do this!
Debug.Log("[Mirror Migration Tool] Processed (and patched, if required) " + filesModified + " files");
EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Migration complete.", "Congratulations, you should now be Mirror Network ready.\n\n" +
"Thank you for using Mirror and Telepathy Networking Stack for Unity!\n\nPlease don't forget to drop by the GitHub " +
"repository to keep up to date and the Discord server if you have any problems. Have fun!", "Awesome");
} catch (System.Exception ex)
EditorUtility.DisplayDialog("Oh no!", "An exception occurred. If you think this is a Mirror Networking bug, please file a bug report on the GitHub repository." +
"It could also be a logic bug in the Migration Tool itself. I encountered the following exception:\n\n" + ex.ToString(), "Okay");
private static void MigrationTool_FileProcessor(List<string> filesToProcess)
StreamReader sr;
StreamWriter sw;
foreach(string file in filesToProcess)
// Open and load it into the script buffer.
using(sr = new StreamReader(file))
scriptBuffer = sr.ReadToEnd();
// Get outta here, UnityEngine.Networking !
scriptBuffer = scriptBuffer.Replace("using UnityEngine.Networking;", "using Mirror;");
// Work our magic.
for (int i = 0; i < knownIncompatibleRegexes.Length; i++)
matches = Regex.Matches(scriptBuffer, knownIncompatibleRegexes[i]);
if (matches.Count > 0)
// It was successful - replace it.
scriptBuffer = Regex.Replace(scriptBuffer, knownIncompatibleRegexes[i], knownCompatibleReplacements[i]);
// Be extra gentle with some like NetworkSettings directives.
matches = Regex.Matches(scriptBuffer, @"NetworkSettings\(([^\)]*)\)");
// A file could have more than one NetworkSettings... better to just do the whole lot.
// We don't know what the developer might be doing.
if (matches.Count > 0) {
for (int i = 0; i < matches.Count; i++)
Match nsm = Regex.Match(matches[i].ToString(), @"(?<=\().+?(?=\))");
if (nsm.Success)
string[] netSettingArguments = nsm.ToString().Split(',');
if (netSettingArguments.Length > 1)
string patchedNetSettings = string.Empty;
int a = 0;
foreach (string argument in netSettingArguments)
// Increment a, because that's how many elements we've looked at.
// If it contains the offender, just continue, don't do anything.
if (argument.Contains("channel")) continue;
// If it doesn't then add it to our new string.
patchedNetSettings += argument.Trim();
if (a < netSettingArguments.Length) patchedNetSettings += ", ";
// a = netSettingArguments.Length; patch it up and there we go.
scriptBuffer = Regex.Replace(scriptBuffer, nsm.Value, patchedNetSettings);
} else {
// Replace it.
if (netSettingArguments[0].Contains("channel"))
// Don't touch this.
scriptBuffer = scriptBuffer.Replace(string.Format("[{0}]", matches[i].Value), string.Empty);
// DONE!
// Backup the old files for safety.
// The user can delete them later.
if(!File.Exists(file + ".bak")) File.Copy(file, file + ".bak");
// Now the job is done, we want to write the data out to disk...
using(sw = new StreamWriter(file, false, Encoding.UTF8))
// Increment the modified counter for statistics.
} catch (System.Exception e) {
// Kaboom, this tool ate something it shouldn't have.
Debug.LogError(string.Format("[Mirror Migration Tool] Encountered an exception processing {0}:\n{1}", file, e.ToString()));
/// <summary>
/// Cleans up after the migration tool is completed or has failed.
/// </summary>
private static void MigrationTool_Cleanup() {
scriptBuffer = string.Empty;
matches = null;
filesModified = 0;
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