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What would you like to do?
Brief product description/needs
Hi all! I'd like your input on something:
I'm about to start building my first big project. I've built smaller things before, but they were all for Joomla. I'd like to expand my knowledge with an ambitious project.
Here's what we're aiming to build:
-A search engine that only searches our database (no web crawling, etc).
-A payment system to purchase what our users find.
I'm looking for whatever will allow us to get this up and running quickly, but allow for further customization later. Good documentation/tutorials are a must. It doesn't need to do the above (we're big fans of writing our own code for core functions).
What we'd need from the framework:
-Quick time to build
-The framework is unobtrusive but has many features we'd otherwise have to write ourselves (db interaction, for instance)
What should I use? Why?
I've been told that Zend and Kohana should work.
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