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Last active Sep 12, 2015
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Angular Buddies FOSS Bash!

(pssst - not a member of Angular Buddies yet? Join here!. You're looking for the #bash channel.)

Welcome to the first FOSS Bash! This is an experiment - everything's subject to change, feedback welcome.

The goal of the FOSS Bash is like an Amish barn rasing - lots of smart folks getting together to accomplish a great thing in a day. Today's target is UI Layout. My goal is to halve the number of issues, down to 13, and zero open PRs.

How you can help

  • Fix bugs! Issues with labels will be the easiest place to start, followed by any other issue.
  • Write tests! UI Layout already has a few tests but more coverage is awesome
  • Add docs! If you're new to the project, what did you find confusing? How can that be cleared up for others?
  • Reproduce problems! If an issue doesn't have a JSBin/Plunker associated with it, write one! It'll make future debugging much easier.
  • Get the word out! Tweet, Slack, IRC, print this out into a paper airplane and throw it at your friends.
  • Go wild! Add code coverage, write a blog, create a default JSBin/Plunker for future reference, etc, etc


  • Please comment on an issue to let everyone know you're working on it
  • Follow the commit guidelines

If you've still got questions, ask me (SomeKittens) for help. I'll be in Slack all day.

Next Month

If this works out, October will be bashing on UI Bootstrap, hosted by WesleyCho and Foxandxss!

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