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Unicode Instruction Set Architecture (UISA)

Unicode (UTF-8) is the leading character encoding being used in computers today. However, a few factors hinder its adoption:

  • It's big. It's actually huge! You need to include (increasingly bigger) character tables in your programs if you want to deal with Unicode.
  • You can't really do anything without those character tables. Unicode is a complete mess without them!

So we shall define an ISA that replaces Unicode. Meet UISA!



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The Unix Time Manifesto


I am an user of Unix Time IRL. My hexchat outputs timestamps using the %s time format string. This means every message looks like [1526856826] * End of /MOTD command. or similar.

I just like it that way.


ROT13-UTF-8 is a semi-backwards-compatible encoding for text data.

ROT13-UTF-8 replaces the characters represented by bytes 0x41-0x4D, 0x4E-0x5A and 0x61-0x6D, 0x6E-0x7A in UTF-8 with characters U+004E-U+005A, U+0041-U+004D and U+006E- U+007A, U+0061-U+006D, respectively.



There are 4 forms of UTF-16:

  1. UTF-16BE
  2. UTF-16LE
  3. UTF-16LBE
  4. UTF-16LLE
View stack.lua
-- This Lua stack may be faster than the vararg stack, since it does less copies. Haven't benchmarked it yet.
-- However, it can't hold as many elements (13 000 ish elements on my machine, vs uh, 100 000 or more with varargs?).
local function callstack()
local function f(v)
local op, nv = coroutine.yield()
while true do
if op == "push" then
op, nv = coroutine.yield(f(nv))
elseif op == "pop" then

APNG Sucks!

Hi! Let's talk about APNG! Note that I'm biased because I made my own animated PNG extension and it also sucks.

Problems with APNG

So, APNG has the following issues:

SoniEx2 /
Last active Aug 27, 2016
EPNG spec

Did you know?

Steam chat, the thing you use while playing games, mangles your messages for you... It's especially interesting when sending shell commands.

  • ~/.ssh/config becomes http://ssh/config
  • $HOME/.ssh/config becomes http://HOME/.ssh/config
  • ${HOME}/.ssh/config becomes http://HOME}/.ssh/config
SoniEx2 /
Last active Aug 27, 2016
List of mod makers breaking Curse's TOS

List of mod makers breaking Curse's TOS

Note: This list is incomplete. It'll be expanded as time goes on. Feel free to comment below with a link to your Curse profile to help me expand the list.

So apparently Curse has this ridiculous term on their TOS (archived at the time of making this gist):

In order to access some features of the Websites, you will have to create an account. You must be at least 18 years of age to register an account. Minor children may only access account-related features using a parent or guardian’s account so long as the

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