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Last active Aug 22, 2018
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Testing SHA3 with Solidity
contract SHA3Test
function getSHA3Hash(bytes input) returns (bytes32 hashedOutput)
hashedOutput = sha3(input);
// Ethereum uses KECCAK-256. It should be noted that it does not follow
// the FIPS-202 based standard of Keccak, which was finalized in August 2015.
// Hashing the string "testing":
// Ethereum SHA3 function in Solidity = 5f16f4c7f149ac4f9510d9cf8cf384038ad348b3bcdc01915f95de12df9d1b02
// Keccak-256 (Original Padding) = 5f16f4c7f149ac4f9510d9cf8cf384038ad348b3bcdc01915f95de12df9d1b02
// SHA3-256 (NIST Standard) = 7f5979fb78f082e8b1c676635db8795c4ac6faba03525fb708cb5fd68fd40c5e
// More info:
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