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Created February 2, 2014 19:04
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Delete the newest of files with the same name except for different extensions.
import os, time
import os.path
for path, dirs, files in os.walk('./'):
dups = {}
for x in files:
name, ext = os.path.splitext(x)
fullpath = path+'/'+x
(mode, ino, dev, nlink, uid, gid, size, atime, mtime, ctime) = os.stat(fullpath)
if not name in dups:
dups[name] = [(name, ext, time.ctime(mtime))]
dups[name].append([name, ext, time.ctime(mtime)])
dups[name] = sorted(dups[name], key=lambda x: x[2])
delname, delext, deldate = dups[name][0]
delpath = path+'/'+delname+delext
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