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"MOM Experiment"
1 1 1 0 0 0
"ocean_snap_5day", 5,"days", 1,"days", "time"
"ocean_mean_5day", 5,"days", 1,"days", "time"
"ocean_mean_month", 1,"months", 1,"days", "time"
"ocean_mean_annual", 12,"months", 1,"days", "time"
#"prog_%4yr_%3dy", 5,"days",1,"days","Time",365,"days"
#"ave_prog_%4yr_%3dy", 5,"days",1,"days","Time",365,"days"
View MOM_parameter_doc.short
! This file was written by the model and records the non-default parameters used at run-time.
! === module MOM ===
ENABLE_THERMODYNAMICS = False ! [Boolean] default = True
! If true, Temperature and salinity are used as state
! variables.
ADIABATIC = True ! [Boolean] default = False
! There are no diapycnal mass fluxes if ADIABATIC is
! true. This assumes that KD = KDML = 0.0 and that
! there is no buoyancy forcing, but makes the model
View stacko.chpl
module SomeAnimals {
class Animal {
var animalType: string;
class Bird: Animal {
proc init(aType: string) {
this.animalType = aType;
Spartee / Toml.chpl
Last active Jul 11, 2017
An interface for the Toml library written in chapel.
View Toml.chpl
Chapel's Library for `Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language (TOML) <>`_.
This module provides support for parsing and writing toml files.
Will list a few example use-cases once interface is finalized.
Node is a placeholder name for the data structure that holds the parsed toml.
Could be named something else more related to toml? e.g. -> tomlTable

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