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Last active March 26, 2023 17:58
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jQuery(document).ready( function() {
if( window.angular ) return;
new fullpage('#fullpage', {
//options here
scrollHorizontally: true,
anchors: ['firstPage', 'secondPage', 'thirdPage'],
lockAnchors: false,
menu: '#div_block-28-6',
afterLoad: function(anchorLink, index) {
jQuery('a[href="#' + index["anchor"] + '"]').addClass('anchor-active');
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Can you please update this code so it's still compatible with WordPress 5.6 (jQuery issue)?

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Uwishvajith commented Aug 14, 2021

jQuery issue. fullpage.js not found on line 2

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I've followed this tutorial again to see if it's fundamentally broken, but it appears to still be working fine despite an error that I only see in the builder itself.

Two things:

  1. If the error is only in the builder, add this line just inside the jQuery(document).ready function, before the new fullpage line:
    if( window.angular ) return;
    That will prevent the code from running in the builder and causing errors.
  2. It looks like fullPage.js now requires a license key, so it's possible they're throwing an error if the licenseKey option isn't present.

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I just have followed the tutorial and everything works like a charm!

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arvydasg commented Sep 23, 2021

Any idea how I can make the footer from the template "main" show as well? This is an example - I can not apply this, because oxygen doesnt allow spaces in class names?

Or. for example, I can create a unique footer section in the front page, but i don't want it to take up the whole screen. Can I use other class than "section" to make it work?

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Hello, the code is correct, except for line 21. If you put it, the code will not work

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