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SrDios/adUser.go Secret

Last active Oct 23, 2018
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AD data structure
type adUser struct {
AppID string `json:"appId"`
AppPermissions string `json:"appPermissions"`
AvailableToOtherTenants string `json:"availableToOtherTenants"`
DisplayName string `json:"displayName"`
Homepage string `json:"homepage"`
IdentifierUris string `json:"identifierUris,omitempty"`
Mail string `json:"mail"`
MailEnabled bool `json:"mailEnabled"`
MailNickname string `json:"mailNickname"`
ObjectID string `json:"objectId"`
ObjectType string `json:"objectType"`
ReplyUrls string `json:"replyUrls,omitempty"`
SecurityEnabled bool `json:"securityEnabled"`
ServicePrincipalNames string `json:"servicePrincipalNames"`
SignInName string `json:"signInName"`
UsageLocation string `json:"usageLocation,omitempty"`
UserPrincipalName string `json:"userPrincipalName"`
UserType string `json:"userType"`
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