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Stanko / runner.js
Last active June 13, 2024 15:29
Node.js script to run multiple commands in parallel. Terminates all of them if any of the commands fails. Blog post -
import { spawn } from 'child_process';
export class Runner {
tasks = [];
exiting = false;
colors = [
'\x1b[33m', // yellow
'\x1b[34m', // blue
'\x1b[35m', // magenta
'\x1b[36m', // cyan

This is a GitHub action we used on several projects to allow our QA team to push changes from dev to qa branch.

Commit list showing commits made by the action

Minimal version

The shorter version does the following:

  • Updates the patch version in package.json on dev
  • Creates new tag
Stanko / tree-style-tab.css
Last active December 12, 2023 17:15
My Firefox and Tree Style Tab custom css
:root {
--tab-highlighter: transparent;
#tabbar {
background: #eee;
border: none;
tab-item-substance {
Stanko / constants.js
Last active July 12, 2022 20:25
React Storybook - React to HTML addon
const ADDON_NAME = 'react-to-html';
const PARAM_NAME = 'reactToHtml';
const PANEL_NAME = `${ADDON_NAME}/panel`;
const MARKUP_EVENT = `${ADDON_NAME}/markup`;

Short guide for Startup Software Engineers in 2nd/3rd World Countries *

Hi, so this is quite a personal text as I have been striving to build and work for a couple of startup businesses for the last decade and I’d like to share a couple of observations and perhaps useful tips if you decide to swim in that area, or you lack to understand why are you constantly sinking. First, let me explain “2nd/3rd World Countries” – it’s not necessary related to Eastern Europe, Asia, or some even less developed economies, but in the eyes of Silicon Valley that could be easily considered as “the rest of the world”, however, for the purpose of this gedankenexperiment, I’ll focus on Eastern Europe, region I live in and know well. Second, “Startup Software Engineer” means that you’re obviously an engineer and that you’re fully committed working for a company that yet doesn’t have successful business model, product is in the phase of development, you’re not making any profit and you’re basically burning the cash you’ve got in

Stanko / custom-jekyll-pagination
Last active July 25, 2023 11:22
Custom Jekyll pagination
{% if paginator.total_pages > 1 %}
{% assign start = | minus: 2 %}
{% assign end = | plus: 2 %}
{% if start < 1 %}
{% assign start = 1 %}
{% assign end = start | plus: 4 %}
{% elsif end > paginator.total_pages %}
{% assign start = paginator.total_pages | minus: 4 %}