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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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➜ pearls git:(master) ✗ time ~/code/rss2text/ -noc | ~/code/shortenize/
~/code/rss2text/ -noc 0.55s user 0.08s system 73% cpu 0.863 total
~/code/shortenize/ 0.43s user 0.05s system 3% cpu 12.815 total
➜ pstree time /srv/git/rss2text/ -noc | /srv/git/shortenize/
/srv/git/rss2text/ -noc 0.32s user 0.04s system 84% cpu 0.432 total
/srv/git/shortenize/ 0.22s user 0.02s system 2% cpu 9.392 total
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