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@StarpTech StarpTech/arangodb.js
Last active Apr 11, 2018

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Manage Multi-Tenancy in Arangojs
// initialize
// The maximum number of requests is equal to
// maxSockets * 2 with keepAlive: true or equal to maxSockets with keepAlive: false.
const arangodb = new Arangojs.Database({
url: "http://localhost:8529", // Base URL of the ArangoDB server or list of server URLs.
agentOptions: {
maxSockets: 100,
keepAlive: true
loadBalancingStrategy: 'ROUND_ROBIN'
// In your request handler you can set the correct database
// Any request is queued in form of command pattern
// Due to the fact that node.js is single threaded and the item is pushed synchronously to the queue we don't have to worry about race conditions.
// We will use one connection:
async function handler(req, resp) {
let db = arangodb.useDatabase('testDb')
await db.listDatabases()
await db
query: "RETURN @value",
bindVars: { value: now }
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