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Created February 4, 2024 17:17
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your pterodactyl panel must use the AIO egg (was not tested on any other egg)

  1. Download the
  2. Upload it on your pterodactyl panel and unarchive it
  3. Setup your config file
  4. Set the startup command to bash /home/container/setup/

to make sure all Ntfy commands work and show correct data, I made a custom shell file (/home/container/commands/ntfy), that file sets the auth file and config file on the commands that might use it the actual Ntfy CLI is /home/container/commands/ntfycli

What this file does is: If it's the first run, show some information on how to setup and what ti does, otherwise

  1. Add /home/container/commands to the $PATH variable
  2. Add executale permission to all files in /home/container/commands
  3. Start the ntfy server as a background process
  4. Start a usable shell (bash) so you can run any command directly in the pterodactyl console


The config file is located in /home/container/data/server.yml

before you start the ntfy server you must change those config:

  • base-url: The url used to access your ntfy server (this is used for attachments, email sending, iOS push notifications, matrix push gateway)
  • listen-http: The port where ntfy will listen

if you want to use web push notifications you must set those 4 config:

  • web-push-public-key: Webpush public key (can be obtained by running ntfy webpush keys)
  • web-push-private-key: Webpush private key (can be obtained by running ntfy webpush keys)
  • web-push-file: Where the webpush file is stored, must be inside /home/container (defaults to /home/container/data/webpush.db)
  • web-push-email-address: Your email

other default config:

  • cache-file: Where the messages are cached, if unset are only stored in the ram (defaults to /home/container/data/cache.db)
  • auth-file: Where the auth file is stored, it's required to have users (defaults to /home/container/data/auth.db)
  • auth-default-access: Default access to topics for any non-logged user (defaults to deny-all, meaning no read and write access to any topic)
  • behind-proxy: If the ntfy server is behind a proxy (defaults to false)
  • attachment-cache-dir: Where attachments are stored (defaults to /home/container/data/attachments)
  • upstream-base-url: The url of the Firebase/APNS-connected ntfy server, this server will receive only the message ID and the iOS app will fetch the message from your server, it's required for iOS notifications (defaults to
  • log-level: Ntfy log level (defaults to info)

additional Ntfy configs are avaible here

*(that's until someone actually makes a good egg for ntfy with console support to use the cli)

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