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You must use an AIO egg (was not tested on other eggs)


You also need a PostgreSQL database.
To download and setup zipline run those commands in order

git clone # clone zipline
cd zipline # enter the cloned directory
mkdir /home/container/tmp # make a temporary folder
export TMPDIR=/home/container/tmp # set temp dir to the folder you just made


your pterodactyl panel must use the AIO egg (was not tested on any other egg)

  1. Download the
  2. Upload it on your pterodactyl panel and unarchive it
  3. Setup your config file
  4. Set the startup command to bash /home/container/setup/

to make sure all Ntfy commands work and show correct data, I made a custom shell file (/home/container/commands/ntfy), that file sets the auth file and config file on the commands that might use it the actual Ntfy CLI is /home/container/commands/ntfycli