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using DataFrames, Gadfly
exl = readtable("excellent.csv", names=[:variant,:digits,:time])
agg = aggregate(groupby(exl,[:variant,:digits]), median)
agg = agg[sortperm(agg[:variant], by=first, rev=true),:]
rel = join(
on=:digits, kind=:left
rel[:ratio] = rel[:time_median]./rel[:time_median_1]
ticks = Guide.xticks(ticks=sort!(unique(exl[:digits]))
p_time = plot(
agg, x=:digits, y=:time_median, color=:variant, ticks,
Scale.y_log10, Geom.point, Geom.line,
Guide.ylabel("median execution time (s)")
p_ratio = plot(
rel, x=:digits, y=:ratio, color=:variant, ticks,
Geom.point, Geom.line,
Guide.ylabel("time relative to julia3")
draw(PNG("excellent_time.png", 6inch, 3inch, dpi=600), p_time)
draw(PNG("excellent_ratio.png", 6inch, 3inch, dpi=600), p_ratio)
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