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Last active July 19, 2019 22:54
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study("RSI+MA", overlay=true)
// data series for RSI with length 14
rsi = rsi(close, 14)
// data series for Moving Average with length 9
ma = sma(close, 9)
// data series for buy signals:
//price should be below the moving average and RSI should be smaller than 40
buy_signals = close < ma and rsi < 30
// data series for sell signals:
//price should be above the moving average and RSI should be above 60
sell_signals = close > ma and rsi > 70
// draw some shapes on the chart if conditions are met
plotshape(buy_signals, style=shape.triangleup, text="up")
plotshape(sell_signals, style=shape.triangledown, text="down")
// create alert conditions so that alerts can be create via the add alerts dialog
alertcondition(buy_signals, title='Buy-Signal', message='price is below the MA and RSI is below 40')
alertcondition(sell_signals, title='Sell-Signal', message='price is above the MA and RSI is above 60')
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