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Get started with 'allowElevation' capability in RS5 (hello world)
1. Install Windows insider SDK 17744 (or later) on a computer running Insider build 17744 (or later)
2. In VS2017 create a new C# Console app (or any desktop type application)
3. Optional: add two lines of code in Main()
Console.WriteLine("Hello World Elevated");
4. Add an Application Manifest file to the project (app.manifest)
5. In that file change requestedExecutionLevel from 'asInvoker' 'highestAvailable'.
6. Add a Windows Application Packaging Project to the solution
7. Set target and min version to 17744 (or later)
8. In the packaging project add a reference to the console application project
9. Set packaging project as the startup project for the solution
10. Edit Package.appxmanifest file
11. Add <rescap:Capability Name="allowElevation" /> in the <Capabilities> section
12. Hit F5
For a complete tutorial, take a look here:
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StefanWickDev commented Oct 24, 2018

For a complete tutorial, take a look here

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