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Created July 4, 2022 05:16
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JGINYUE X99-D8 lm-sensors config
chip "nct6779-isa-0a20"
label fan2 "CPU0_FAN"
label fan1 "CPU1_FAN"
label in0 "+12V"
label in3 "+3.3V"
label in7 "3VSB"
label in8 "VBAT"
label in9 "VTT"
label in2 "AVCC"
label temp7 "CPU_PECI"
# Set min & max
set in0_min 12 * 0.95
set in0_max 12 * 1.05
# Calculate values
compute in0 ((56/10)+1)*@, @/((56/10)+1)
# 0 values
ignore in1
ignore in4
ignore in5
ignore fan3
ignore fan4
ignore fan5
ignore temp8
ignore temp9
ignore temp10
# Always the same value
ignore temp1
ignore temp2
ignore temp3
ignore temp4
ignore temp5
ignore temp6
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