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Steve Lee SteveALee

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sw-yx /
Last active Mar 22, 2021
svelte society day talks and resources -
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
body {
margin: 1px;
#main {
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
dominictarr /
Created Nov 26, 2018
statement on event-stream compromise

Hey everyone - this is not just a one off thing, there are likely to be many other modules in your dependency trees that are now a burden to their authors. I didn't create this code for altruistic motivations, I created it for fun. I was learning, and learning is fun. I gave it away because it was easy to do so, and because sharing helps learning too. I think most of the small modules on npm were created for reasons like this. However, that was a long time ago. I've since moved on from this module and moved on from that thing too and in the process of moving on from that as well. I've written way better modules than this, the internet just hasn't fully caught up.


otherwise why would he hand over a popular package to a stranger?

If it's not fun anymore, you get literally nothing from maintaining a popular package.

One time, I was working as a dishwasher in a restu

getify / 1.js
Last active Nov 19, 2020
tag function for formatting console.log(..) statements
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function logger(strings,...values) {
var str = "";
for (let i = 0; i < strings.length; i++) {
if (i > 0) {
if (values[i-1] && typeof values[i-1] == "object") {
if (values[i-1] instanceof Error) {
if (values[i-1].stack) {
str += values[i-1].stack;
kitze / store.js
Created Jan 24, 2018
simplified redux
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import produce from 'immer';
import {createStore} from 'redux';
const handleActions = (actionsMap, defaultState) => (
state = defaultState,
{type, payload}
) =>
produce(state, draft => {
const action = actionsMap[type];
action && action(draft, payload);
svpernova09 /
Created Oct 24, 2017
How to test Homestead & Hyper-V


  • Ensure you have Windows 10 & The Fall Creators Update installed.
  • Uninstall Virtualbox
  • Enable Hyper-V
  • Create a new Virtual Switch in Hyper-V that is type "External" (You'll use this whenever asked)

Edit Homestead

Add / edit these 2 lines in your Homestead.yaml

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// install @types/react-redux and other nonsense
import * as React from 'react'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { YourActualAppState } from './wherever-it-is.ts'
export function mapStateToProps({
}: YourActualAppState) {
return {
gcmcom /
Created Jul 14, 2016 — forked from juderosen/
Git Wars: GitHub vs Bitbucket

Git Wars: GitHub vs Bitbucket


Now, you might think the answer I'm going to give you is already obvious because I'm using GiHub right now, but it's not. Both GitHub and Bitbucket offer great Git services, but each has its own features and pricing plans. In the following... thing, I'm going to compare the two and then offer a final solution that should work for most people.

TL;DR: Both. Use GitHub for open source and public repos (you'll spend most of your time here) and Bitbucket for private repos. But, sign up for GitHub first, then import account into Bitbucket. Also, check comments for updates. P.S. I personally prefer GitHub.

Interface and Functionality

Cmdv /
Last active Oct 6, 2019
Reactive Programming & Cycle.js list of learning material