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SteveDunn/a.cs Secret

Created Jan 11, 2018
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void onCanvasDraw(ICanvasAnimatedControl sender, CanvasAnimatedDrawEventArgs args)
using (var offscreenSession = _offscreenCanvas.CreateDrawingSession())
offscreenSession.Transform = _scale;
offscreenSession.DrawText(Text, 0, 0, Colors.Red, _ctf);
offscreenSession.DrawLine(new Vector2(0,0), new Vector2(100,10), Colors.Black);
args.DrawingSession.DrawImage(_offscreenCanvas, 0,0);
args.DrawingSession.Transform = _scale;
args.DrawingSession.DrawText(Text, 0, 20, Colors.Red, _ctf);
args.DrawingSession.DrawLine(new Vector2(0, 20), new Vector2(100, 30), Colors.Black);
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