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Scale Summit 2015 What's Changed Since Last Year: things and non-things
Notes of Scale Summit 2015 what's changed since last year.
Things last year:
- “Big Data is a thing”; Big Data is now pointless
- “Is CouchDB dead?” npm were? Fairly sure couchdb is now dead, despite more funding
- Under still going: Mongo, Riak. Mongo's not dead? Guardian, GDS, MOJ. Mongo on the rise again? Mongo *might* be dead; we don't know.
- Websockets were "standard" but weren't really… except for certain browsers, proxies, etc.
- HTML5 video still doesn't really work
- Flash is still dying… Unless you count CVEs. Lots of flash-based ads.
- WebGL has taken hold? Still true, apparently.
- 60FPS on the web.
- Docker! Now 1.0, got funding, bought people, docker machine, swarm, etc. Enterprises and serious people using in production.
- Now less contentious to suggest provisioning in most orgs.
- Microservices are much less talked about this year. Other conferences are still talking. Just part of what we do. Containerisation part of this: forces it.
- Bitcoin. Companies getting more funding still, and rising, but no past hype and now serious. Still being stolen.
- Erlang. Does anyone know of anyone starting? Gambling industry is still growing. Popular in some places. Gonna stay around.
- Bittorrent as a deployment thing? Not really. Only a thing if you need lots of hosts
- Elasticsearch for logs
- Graphite. InfluxDB and now no-one cares.
- HTTPS everywhere! Wow.
- Expensive TLS no longer a thing
- SPDY. Fuck SPDY, it's HTTP2!
- IE6 dead.
- Wearables. Still a thing.
- Nagios still not dead. Sensu new!
- Not using desktops as much.
- Forks of android as new linux didn't happen
New things:
- Faking interfaces (Google CloudSQL; RDS). Things pretending to be MySQL but giving cloud-scale-y properties.
- High integrity databases. Built on Merkel trees etc. “The word blockchain is banned in this room.”
- Event streams like Kafka? Were around, just not used. Kinesis.
- Time series DBs are hot shit. Again. But this time for real. InfluxDB, Informix?, OpenTSSDB. Cassandra use by people who move to docker? Are they all just using RDS?
- node is becoming ubiquitous in the buildchain. “It'd be so much easier if we wrote this in JS” So it ends up in Express.
- JavaScript Makefiles!
- Build tools are back! Bazel.
- Go and Rust are on the rise. Rust hit 1.0.
- Dart is dead. Chrome announced it's not being integrated.
- VirtualDOM and Shadow DOM; diffing against the DOM and so forth.
- React has raised its head, along with React native.
- Service Workers are probably going to be a big thing.
- HTTP2!
- TLS deprecation pushes!
- Named/branded exploits! And the world ending every other week.
- All JS frameworks are basically going all the time (Ember, Angular2, Bower, Grunt, )
- ES6 is good enough now
- Mozilla added support for DRM to HTML5 player
- Responsive images
- Malvertising. Thoughts of the day checked IP and dropped malware on defence/govt/pharma.
- Kubernetes/GContainer Engine, Rocket
- Mesos?
- Unikernels, microkernels, *kernels. Is anyone really doing it in production? No-one.
- Perl 6 this Christmas! Or at least *one* of the implementations. FACT.
- Mongo, Express, Angular, Node (MEAN stack) is a thing
- HSTS. US Gov't going to use it now, as are GDS.
- Free certificate authorities! (Aren't *quite* a thing for a month, but still.) Also standards around that and open sourcing.
- SIM hack. Big story, heard almost nothing.
- IE is dead! Spartan now!
- Servo rendering engine
- .NET CLR open source
- People giving a shit about people! Codes fo conduct, gender equality, diversity, burnout, mental health, etc.
Still things:
- @GarethR? Less of him. Doing real work now?
- Hacker News. Unfortunately.
- Clojure. Never huge, but growing slowly.
- Elasticsearch is still a thing. ELK is now a thing (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
- More Snowden-y revelations.
- 4G
- Sensu! Everyone using, but not talking about it.
- systemd. People like it, apparently
- Database as a service got much better.
- Postgres much better
- PaaS. Platforms continue to be exciting.
- Private clouds. COmmunity clouds.
- INternet security was in flux. More people now talking about it credibly. Still a mess.
- Containerisation
- Silicon Roundabout/Tech City
Falling out of favour:
- Ruby. Not cool; still a workhorse. “It's the new Java”
- Scala? Been some backlash, and claims of fundamental flaws, but small vocal pockets maybe? Possibly Java 8 stemmed the tide somewhat.
- Lucene. Everyone using it wants off.
- Graph databases are a niche thing
Still not things:
- D.
- Haskell. Lost the buzz, but without losing people using it. Looted for ideas by other languages. Functional buzz is dying out some.
- Hack/HipHop
- Linux on the desktop
What will happen?
- Malicious docker image everyone downloads
- ES6 adoption rise
- Postgres replication finally really good and used properly
- Hosted container build pipelines
[ and, after lightning talks… ]
- More Windows people at Scale Summit? (2 people)
- 2015: “Year of the even more hacks” 2016: “Year of the yet more hacks. Seriously.”
- “Chatops”/Slack (who just got hacked)
- Google Cloud might be usable
- At least 2 more JS packaging frameworks
- Something will go wrong in service discovery
- Teachers will be shitting themselves! They need our help!
- Amazon will either bin/replace S3. CLI calls don't fit with anything and it's been around forever
- “Jonty will stop being dim enough to volunteer [to run lightning talks]”
What's gonna die?
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