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echo Administrative permissions required. Detecting permissions...
net session >nul 2>&1
if %errorLevel% == 0 (
echo Success: Administrative permissions confirmed.
) else (
echo Failure: Current permissions inadequate.
pause >nul
* Caches the return value of get accessors and methods.
* Notes:
* - Doesn't really make sense to put this on a method with parameters.
* - Creates an obscure non-enumerable property on the instance to store the memoized value.
* - Could use a WeakMap, but this way has support in old environments.
export function Memoize(target: any, propertyName: string, descriptor: TypedPropertyDescriptor<any>) {
if (descriptor.value != null) {
import * as ts from "typescript";
import * as Lint from "tslint/lib/lint";
export class Rule extends Lint.Rules.AbstractRule {
static FAILURE_STRING = "duplicate imports from same file forbidden";
apply(sourceFile: ts.SourceFile): Lint.RuleFailure[] {
return this.applyWithWalker(new NoImportsWalker(sourceFile, this.getOptions()));