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Steven A. Begin
: **Coder Foundry**; Full Stack Immersive
(Kernersville, NC)
*.Net Full Stack Web Development training.*
: **Outsystems Developer Online Class**; Outsystems
(Lisbon, Portugal)
*Developing OutSystems Web Applications*
: **Institute Consortium Technology Professionals**; CCNA & MCSE
(Anaheim, CA)
*CCNA & MCSE courses*
: **CompTIA,**; A+ Certification
(Anaheim, CA)
*A+ Certification*
: **Altiris**; Altiris Certified Engineer
(Lindon, UT)
*Altiris Certified Engineer*
: **New Horizons**; Customer Service
(Santa Ana, CA)
*MS Office courses*
**2013 – 2017 Software Developer, Cru:**
Assisted in team Development of Web-Based Software for headquarters
and for multi-language international field use. This software
facilitated strategical objectives via providing personnel workflow
collaboration of complex financial and logistical needs toward
ultimately funding the entire lifecycle of projects it helped
validate complied with organizational objectives. For this, as well
as more software pertaining to Marketing’s product pricing changes
and Information Technology’s account and equipment setup management,
leveraged the Microsoft MVC using Visual Studio while implementing
coding using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, C#, .NET, as well as developing
queries, stored procedures and other database objects within Oracle
PL/SQL and MSSQL Server, and lastly that of employing the Outsystems
PaaS. Further coded the streamlining of automated processes facilitating
the extraction of data traditionally served in our longerstanding
Delphi and Crystal Reports application; this was via coding
e-mail-requested and-scheduletriggered dynamic-data outputted into
common MS Office suite reports generated for local and satellite
domestic offices, as well as automating similar extractions uploaded
via FTP concerning data pertinent to our robust organizational
multi-language, multi-national international phone app. As needed,
resorted to previous system administration tasks in helping coordinate
set up of our local internal test servers, and even our production server
in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with its necessary CSR
certificate, SSL certificate, domain purchases, and its secure plus
private positioning over our WAN and Site-to-Site VPN, while ensuring
IIS was properly configured for secure routing from point to point, and
creating and managing an ongoing strategy for periodic system update
patching. Finally, regularly provided stand-by support during mission
critical system use.
**1999 – 2013 Help Desk Coordinator, Desktop Services Technician,
and Computer Technician 1 and 2, Computer Database Specialist, Cru**
Provided team leadership while coordinating customer service in Help
Desk phone and remote response, local-computer installation and
troubleshooting, extensive office-wide software training, and its
license administration. Helped establish and /or administrate
complex user access needs including SSO, Relay, PeopleSoft, Goldmine,
Novell, Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, and ultimately
Google cloud services into which I migrated company user accounts
and conference-room resource data. Mitigated dynamic routing of
internal vs. external service requests via configuring IIS
through ISAPI Rewrite. Ascertained and implemented a vast
Information Technology lifecycle suite of products for which I
became a certified engineer ("ACE"). Leveraged the same toward
large-scale multicast computer deployments (operating systems
and complete images), software metering, license administration,
remote-control management, and hardware inventory. Engaged in
additional Systems Administration roles beyond Altiris Deployment
Server, administrating SCCM deployments, Microsoft Group policy
administration (GPOs via GPMC), batch-file scripting, plus that
of ensuring proper access / configuration of Voicemail, Print,
and File Servers, and Remote Management via Citrix, Bomgar,
and VPNs. Beyond domestic tasks, also occasionally carried out
international organizational tasks, e.g. in Central America,
Africa, and Asia.
Technical Experience
Programming Languages
: **HTML5:** 4yr
: **CSS3:** 4yr
: **JavaScript:** 4yr
: **JQuery:** 4yr
: **Bootstrap:** 1yr
: **.NET:** 4yr
: **C#:** 4yr
: **MVC:** 4yr
: **ASP.NET:** 4yr
: **SQL:** 4yr
: **LINQ:** 4yr
: **Xamarin:** 1yr
: **Web API:** 1yr
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