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Twitter SPAM filter for #ygk -- strips out the tweets from some well-known #ygk hashtag abusers. Feel free to tweak this list for your own use.
#ygk -rt -nailaj -ckws* -morril -vieiraflytrap -jason_michael -realtoranselmo -KingstonFronts -frontsingame -JoeDKtown -bbbaugh2 -buyingsolo -thebrickriocan -ddsnorth -moradio1043 -kingstonteam -whiglive -west_surgeoner -tmj_on_nursing -shima_ygk -AtomicaKingston -ChienNoirBistro -KEYS_Employment -983FLYFM -989THEDRIVE -FM96Ktown -west76grill -Sold85 -jmillard01 -tourismkingston -megaloskingston -dianegiberson -brenda_slomka -I2W2013 -rsourcetweets -tmj_ON_health -ygktraffic -ygkrts
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