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Last active Dec 10, 2015
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Bash script for the #YGK twitter hashtag. Uses the 't' command line client (a Ruby gem). This script uses Gist #4297661 to filter #ygk hashtag spam.
# First install 't', the Twitter command line client:
# This is a Ruby gem and if you are on Mac OS X or any flavour of *nix you're probably got Ruby.
# Next ensure you have 'curl' installed (on Mac OS X you probably do)
# Given these two prerequisites then...
# Step 1: Grab the latest #ygk fluff filter from Gist #4297661 in raw form
# Default to 50 tweets but you can pass-in some other number
# Step 2: Fetch the last 100 #ygk tweets, cleansed of fluff
t search all "$EXCL" -l -n ${Q}
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