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Knocking it out of the planet! 🌎

Steven Williams StevenGFX

Knocking it out of the planet! 🌎
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StevenGFX / html-attr
Created Nov 18, 2022
HTML attributes
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htmlAttrs: {
lang: 'en',
'data-theme': 'light',
StevenGFX /
Last active Aug 3, 2020
ConfCats - Template - Presentation
  <!-- Presentation main body-->
    id="presentation--main-body" class="w-full xl:w-3/4">
    <!-- Presentation header -->
      id="presentation--header" class="flex flex-wrap">
      <!-- Presentation header media -->
StevenGFX / confcats-conflux-vsm-shame.css
Last active May 20, 2020
ConfCats - CONFlux VSM Shame Styles
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/* CONFlux VSM SHAME Styles */
/* GLOBAL */
.border-tertiary {
border-color: var(--tertiary) !important;
.text-tertiary {
color: var(--tertiary) !important;
StevenGFX /
Last active Aug 4, 2022
Twig Tweak Cheat Sheet


This accepts views arguments as well:

{{ drupal_view('who_s_new', 'block_1') }}

View with multiple arguments:

{{ drupal_view('who_s_new', 'block_1' 'contextarg1', 'contextarg2', '...') }}

View ConfCats - CONFlux: Sponsor

Presentation template

<div class="flex-fill">
  <h2 class="text-uppercase h6 font-weight-bold text-center mb-3">Sponsors</h2>
  <ul class="cc-affiliates field__items d-flex flex-wrap list-unstyled justify-content-center">
    <li class="cc-affiliates-item field__item col-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3 align-self-center mx-auto">
      <div role="article" about="/affilate/institute-electrical-and-electronics-engineers-ieee" class="node node--type-cc-affiliate node--view-mode-cc-embedded-condensed clearfix">
        <div class="col-12 pr-md-0 affiliate-logo-img position-relative bg-white mb-3 text-center">
          <a href="" title="" target="_blank">

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am stevengfx on github.
  • I am stevengfx ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASD8KpKvjHTKyiJKuk9btlyDqqUT8M4H7TSqx115FU-SNQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

StevenGFX / launch.json
Last active May 30, 2019
ConfCats - VSCode XDebug settings for launch.json #confcats
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// Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.
// Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.
// For more information, visit:
"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"name": "Listen for XDebug",
"type": "php",
"request": "launch",
StevenGFX / php.ini
Last active May 30, 2019
ConfCats - XDebug settings for php.ini #confcats
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# Extra custom Xdebug setting for debug to work in VSCode.
xdebug.remote_enable = 1
xdebug.remote_autostart = 1
StevenGFX / node.twig.html
Last active Nov 27, 2018 — forked from leahtard/node.twig.html
Get file url in node for Drupal 8 twig template #drupal8 #twig
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{# Get URL of single file field #}
{{ node.field_file.entity.uri.value }}
{# Get URL of multi file field #}
{{ node.field_file['#items'].entity.uri.value }}
{# Trun into link #}
{{ file_url(node.field_file.entity.uri.value) }}
{# Check if there is at least one value #}
StevenGFX / dcs-a10c-start-up-checklist.txt
Last active May 20, 2020
DCS A-10C Start-up Checklist #dcs
View dcs-a10c-start-up-checklist.txt
1. AC GEN PWR - Up (Left & Right) [right, electrical control panel]
2. BOOST PUMPS WING - Up (Left & Right) [left, fuel system control panel]
3. BOOST PUMPS MAIN - Up (Left & Right) [left, fuel system control panel]
4. BATTERY PWR - Up [right, electrical control panel]
5. INVERTER STBY - Up [right, electrical control panel]
6. SIGNAL LIGHTS LAMP TEST (check all warning lights) [left, auxiliary lighting control panel]
7. FIRE DETECT BLEED AIR LEAK TEST (check engine fire light, bleed air leak light on caution annunciation panel) [left, auxiliary lighting control panel]
8. TEST IND (fuel display select set to INT. needles should be just above 4000lbs depending on fuel load. needles should drop to ~3000lbs +/-200. total should hit 6000lbs +/-200) [center, fuel panel]
10. OXYGEN SUPPLY (green wheel. check flow indicator is blinking) - Up [right, oxygen control panel]