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## Funny quotes from people who use Kopernicus
## or are in it's IRC channel. No kerbals were
## injured while laughing about theese words.
<Amarius1> Not bought, just downloaded a new keyboard.
<GregroxMun> I deleted the recycling bin. Now I can't delete anything.
<@KillAshley> <username>: s/^.*$/meow
<GregroxLaptop> the opposite of progress is congress
<GregroxLaptop> so that is what's wrong with america.'
<BorisBee> In other news, I've decided to write a paper on quantum mechanics. I don't have any training or experience in the subject, but I don't think it's going to be an issue.
<@Thomas> "We programmers are used to it" -> if he is a programmer, I am Anonymus
<BorisBee> lmfao
<BorisBee> you read my mind
<@Sigma88> 0/ NathanKell
<@Thomas> \o NathanKell
<@Thomas> (NathanKell changes nick from AWAY to normal, ten seconds later: 20 pings because of \o NathanKell :P)
<@Thomas> BorisBee: Wait, I get the nre's
<@Thomas> They are from starlightswitcher
<@Thomas> !slap starlightswitcher
* Qboid forks the source code of starlightswitcher, replaces all semicolons with greek question marks and submits a pull request
<@Thomas> \o/
<@Thomas> !slap stuff
<+Qboid> (1,2): error CS0103: The name `slaps' does not exist in the current context
* Qboid slaps stuff
<@Thomas> !slap more stuff
* Qboid does not think that he can receive orders from you yet...
<@Thomas> As long as it works...
<GregroxMun> I don't *want* a butt
<egg> ooooblaaaate! (various times)
<@Sigma88> I just received a cd that should contain data relative to an order I made at work
<@Sigma88> The file included is called: "Data.csv.lnk"
<@Sigma88> I feel the need of slapping someone
<@KillAshley> GregroxMun: you seriously dont know what baked beans are?
<GregroxMun> I don't eat food.
<@Thomas> I just tried to open the task manager with Ctrl+P
* Thomas spent too much time with kittopia
<@Thomas> Fact of the day: Killing random processes in taskmgr *CAN* speed up installers
<GregroxMun> my face is an advertisement for a razor blade
<GregroxMun> or anti-ugly cream
<GregroxMun> I'm the "before" picture
<Sigma88> !g random crappy planet pack for ksp
<Qboid> Sigma88: [Astro's Kopernicus Planets - Add-on Development - Kerbal Space ...] (3410 results found, took 0.42s)
<@Thomas> Try it again with the latest build
<@Thomas> But hey, it seems that my stuff works
<@Thomas> I killed ScaledSpace light by accident and local space light on purpose :P
<@Thomas> "I have tried to contact iPeer through the forum AND through PasteBin"
<@Thomas> How do you contact someone through pastebin?
<@NathanKell> WUT
<@NathanKell> DUBBLE WUT
<@Sigma88> I have no idea what's going on, but I have an idea
<GregroxMun> The Game is the game in which thinking about the game constitutes a loss, and you have to annonce that you've lost it.
<@Sigma88> what?
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