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Trevor Brown Stratus3D

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Stratus3D / Makefile
Created Jan 21, 2015
Golang Makefile
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.PHONY: build doc fmt lint run test vendor_clean vendor_get vendor_update vet
# Prepend our _vendor directory to the system GOPATH
# so that import path resolution will prioritize
# our third party snapshots.
GOPATH := ${PWD}/_vendor:${GOPATH}
export GOPATH
default: build
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-- proxy.lua
-- Adds "propertyUpdate" events to any Corona display object.
local m = {}
function m.get_proxy_for( obj )
local t = {}
t.raw = obj
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defmodule Rules do
defmacro __using__(_) do
quote do
import unquote(__MODULE__)
@before_compile unquote(__MODULE__)
@rules []
# Store each rules in the @rules attribute so we can
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